Chez Manny
The Brothers at Chez Manny

The gregarious & hospitable Manny was born to host a dinner party – his younger brother Guillaume is the master behind the ever-swinging kitchen doors at Chez Manny. Their combined presence makes Chez Manny more than just a restaurant, when you walk in you feel welcomed & warmed by their hospitality.

An occasional bass-player, Guillaume couldn’t long ignore the call of the kitchen, inheriting his love of classic French cooking and his superior palate from his mother. Bringing freshness to his traditionally-inspired French cuisine and constantly looking for ways to discover new flavours, Guillaume’s trained taste buds mean he is often called upon to give the last word on a new wine for Chez Manny’s list.

Owner, manager, and sometime barman, Manny welcomes you to Chez Manny with a smile and an offer of a drink – and you feel he’d be happy for you to nurse one glass of wine over four hours in his restaurant as long as you were relaxed and enjoying yourself. Manny will encourage you to take your time as he explains the day’s specials to you perhaps pointing out a particularly good Chablis on the wine list for your enjoyment. A lover of art as well as flavour, Manny takes care of the restaurant’s decorative flair, changing the artwork in Chez Manny every three months to feature a new artist and reflect the changing seasons.